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Construction Industry Client

I have several clients that work in the construction industry, one of the clients asked me to take over the management of their CIS returns and to liaise with HMRC about the repayment due to them, they had paid too much CIS compared to their Corporation Tax liability and thus were due a refund from HMRC.

My client registered me as their agent and I began to speak with HMRC to negotiate getting their overpayment paid back to them, I was ultimately successful and my client used their repayment to invest into marketing and secured additional contracts with the funds.

For this client I also provide management accounts which are a set of accounts produced periodically, in this case every quarter, that tracks performance against a budget as well as previous quarters. I designed the management accounts layout for the client and provide a narrative against their actual performance to identify why performance differs from the budget.

My client has said that receiving this information on a quarterly basis has helped them to manage their finances more effectively and to ensure that their business is able to perform to it's highest potential.

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